The Naughty Nurse









        The most insulting stereotype of women nurses seen in the media is by far the “naughty nurse.”  This image isn’t even close to relating to what actual nurses are like.  Kalisch & Kalisch point out the "increasing, blatant use of nurse characters as sexual mascots for groups of men, usually physicians in the 1960’s and 1970’s in motion pictures and on television” (qtd. in Bridges 852).  Today there still are an increasing amount of movies and television shows portraying nurses in this way.  Nursing is one of the most famous professions seen in the media with its workers viewed as sex symbols.  The other night, I saw this image while watching an NBC television show entitled Scrubs.  This television show showed one of the male doctors named Dr. Turk having a fantasy that he was a patient in the hospital.  In his fantasy, he dreamt about one of the female doctors name Dr. Elliot, dressed in a sleazy, revealing nurse’s outfit.  They showed Dr. Elliot as a nurse crawling on top of Dr. Turk in a sexual way, which was embarrassing to actual nurses.  This show made nurses out as bimbos, whose only goals are to sexually please their male patients.  Basically, this stereotype is implying that female nurses are clueless about everything else except satisfying the sexual needs of men.  

        Another false fact about this image is that movies and television shows like Scrubs only use petite and beautiful women, which not all nurses are.  Next time you go to the hospital, take a look around at all of the female nurses.  You will see that they aren’t all physically perfect like this stereotype is implying.  This “naughty nurse” stereotype is humiliating and offensive to nurses because the media couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Women nurses aren’t airheads who give their patients sexual favors, nor are many of them thin or even gorgeous.  There’s no doubt about it in saying that this stereotype is the most shameful of them all.