Peer Mentor Contract

Congratulations on accepting the challenge of being a peer mentor.  Following is the list of responsibilities that you are agreeing to take on.  Please take time to read these and sign at the bottom of the page.

Your Responsibilities to the Group:

1)  Help with group activities - we'll be doing things such as social events and community service that you are an important part of!

2)  Give us your input - What sorts of things would help you more?  Everyone has great ideas, but usually only a few will voice them.  You might think of things that others never could, so it's vital to the group for you to share!  Be sure to come to general business meetings, because this is where we make decisions on what we want to do as a group.

Your Responsibilities to your Mentee/Associate:

You are the old pro.  You've been through that first year and you're here because you want to help out a peer.

1)You must make contact with your mentee as often as possible.  Twice a month at the minimum is definitely manageable.  The ranges of possibilities to do this are endless.   

Some suggestions are:

- Have a study session - meet with each other and study together, even if it's just for a short while.

- Attend an event of interest - for example, a poetry reading, a speaker, another organization meeting.  It must be planned - no "running into" your mentee at a NCTE meeting and trying to make that count.  Likewise, bumping into your mentee in the lounge does not count (unless you say "let's meet here every Tuesday after class!)

-Drop a not in their mailbox/send a quick e-mail/give a quick phone call - Sometimes, a quick note on an old scrap of paper that says, "How are classes going?" can really have an impact on someone's' day/experience (Think It's a Wonderful Life here)  It shows you care and that your mentee is important!

-Meet for lunch/dinner.

-Discuss scheduling/advising/professors together - remember what it was like not knowing what classes to take?

-Check over a paper that is due/give feedback on class work/creative projects.

The possibilities are limitless - the basic idea is to remind each other that you are there.

2) Being a mentor is as involved as you make it - the more of an effort you make, the better the results will be.

I,________________________________________________________, have read the above information and I agree to take on these responsibilities to the best of my ability at all times.  If at any time I cannot handle these responsibilities I will notify an officer as soon as possible so that my mentee will not suffer as a result.  I will notify an officer of any problems I have along the way.  I promise to be the best mentor that I can be!



Signature of Mentor