Revise for Organizational Clarity, Purpose, and Strength

Purpose: to identify the key concepts and words in your thesis statement and ensure that you are picking those up in your topic sentences and REPEATING yourself adequately in order to create a clear organizational pattern, coherence, and unity in your essay. This strategy for checking your organization will help you develop very clear patterns of order, as well as bring more unity to your essay, and finally, help you see how you need to develop particular paragraphs.

Complete this activity, if necessary, on your own or with the help of a tutor at the Writing Center, or with a classmate. Be sure to turn it in with your folder on Weds.

Number the paragraphs of your essay so that you can refer to them here by number.

1. Intentional rereading: reread your draft and copy and paste your thesis statement here:


If you can't find a thesis statement, write a new one here:


2. Reread your thesis statement : what are the key words that you should repeat in the topic sentences ? Write those words here.

If you can't find key words, write new ones here that you can use:


3.Reread your thesis statement: what are the key CONCEPTS that you should repeat in the topic sentences?  Write those CONCEPTS here.


If you can't find key concepts, write new ones here that you can use:


4. Reread each paragraph. Copy and paste the topic sentence from each paragraph here, matching up the numbers below with the numbers for your paragraphs:











If you can't find topic sentences for any or all of your paragraphs, write new ones here, referring to paragraphs by number:



5. Reread your thesis statement and topic sentences; look for ways to make connections among them. Make revisions here for those topic sentences in which you need to incorporate key words or concepts:



6. Identify paragraphs that need to be refocused as a result of determining a revised emphasis in the topic sentences: