FALL 2002 Editor: Karen Dandurand
Editorial Assistant: Traci N. Lewis

from the Director:
I have good news to report on our recruitment efforts.  In the Spring 2002 newsletter, I had noted that enrollment in our summers-only Ph.D. program had fallen steadily for the last few years.  The results of last year's new poster and targeted email campaign were evident this past summer when we had eight new summers-only students beginning course work in our Ph.D. program.  Next summer promises to be even more exciting, with the return of this group for their second year and a new group of students starting.  We already have four people accepted and planning to start next summer, and inquiries and applications continue to come in regularly.  Thanks to Jim Cahalan, who has led this effort, and to grad. assistants Katrina Thacker and Mary Stewart, who are working with him this year, as well as to Claire Norris, who assisted Jim last year and continued over the summer. 

There are many exciting things happening in our program.  In addition to all of the regional, national, and international conferences in which our faculty, alumni, and students have participated recently (see the News from each of these groups on the pages that follow), there will be a few conferences going on here at IUP.  In spring, EGO will sponsor an interdisciplinary graduate conference and may also collaborate with undergraduate English majors on a combined conference, as they did last year.  And for next summer I am making plans for a Conference/Reunion for alumni, in which our present students--our future alumni--will also be invited to take part.  In addition, we will soon have a gathering place of another kind, a webct salon for Graduate Literature students and faculty; see the announcement inside for more information.

We have had some faculty transitions since the last newsletter.  At the end of Summer, we were sorry to lose Patrick Murphy, but we wish him well in his new position in Florida; see Faculty News for details in a message from Patrick.  We are happy to welcome two new faculty to our program, both of them already members of the IUP English Department.  Dr. Mike Sell will begin teaching in the Spring semester, and Dr. Veronica Watson will join us next Summer Session II.

Speaking of next Summer, I had hoped to be able to provide a preview of Summer courses in this newsletter, but that has not proved possible since our publication date is earlier than usual and the schedule is not yet set.  However, we will make available on line before the end of the semester a tentative list of classes.  To help me with creating that schedule, please take a few minutes to complete and return the form that appears at the end of this newsletter.
   Karen Dandurand, Director
   Graduate Studies in Literature and Criticism 

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