Fall 2003

Editor: Karen Dandurand
Editorial Assistant: Traci N. Lewis

Calendar through
Summer 2004

from the Director:

I want to begin by welcoming the new members of our Graduate Literature & Criticism community.  We have ten new Ph.D. students this semester, and a few more planning to begin in the Spring, and several new students in our two M.A. programs.  We're very happy to have all of you with us.  I'm also delighted that IUP's English Department has a new faculty member who will be teaching in our program.  Dr. Kenneth Sherwood, who is doing exciting work in contemporary and modern U.S. poetry, will be teaching a course next semester under the ENGL 762 rubric; please see his paragraph in "Faculty News" and his course description for more information.

As you will see from the following pages, our faculty, alumni, and students continue to be very active professionally.  I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that there is funding available to support your travel to conferences.  The Graduate School supports doctoral students with up to $500 for travel to an out-of-state conference and master's students with up to $350; lower levels of funding are available for in-state conferences.  As program director, I often add a little to the Grad. School funding when it falls below the expenses a student will incur.  The program also can offer our faculty up to $300 for the academic year in addition to what they receive from the department.

Of course, the most immediate purpose of this newsletter for students at the course-work stage is the course description section, where I'm sure you will all find much of interest to you.  I want to call to your attention two changes in the advising and registration process this semester.  The Independent Seminar is now listed on URSA as a closed section, so it is necessary for you to submit the form to the Grad. English Office before you can register for this course; when your application has been approved, a space will be opened for you and you will be able to register.  And this semester, I am advising all M.A. Literature and M.A. Generalist students in addition to the Ph.D. students I have always advised.  I look forward to talking with all of you in the next few weeks. 

  Karen Dandurand, Director
  Graduate Studies in Literature and Criticism 

27 Spring Registration begins

  1. Individual Course Withdrawal  deadline

7 Total Semester Withdrawal
15 Archival copies due at Grad.  School for Dec. graduation
26-30 Thanksgiving recess

5 Incomplete "I" grades from  Spring and Summer due in
Registrar's Office
5 Last day of Fall classes
  1. Application deadline for Spring  2004 Independent Seminar
14 Commencement
  1. Fall semester grades available  online

8-9 Candidacy Exam
11 Late registration
12 Spring Classes Begin
12-18 Drop/Add period
  1. Foreign Language Exam
registration deadline

5 Foreign Language Exam

  1. Application for May graduation  due
8-14 Spring Break
23 Individual course withdrawal  deadline
26 Total semester withdrawal
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