Graduate Literature Newsletter     2       Fall 2003

Sharon Raynor--"Shattered Silence and Restored Souls: Bearing Witness and Testifying to Trauma and Truth in the Narratives of Black Vietnam Veterans," directed by Dr. Malcolm Hayward.

Margaret Faye Jones--"Worker Angels: Ambivalence Toward Women's Work in Elizabeth Gaskell, George Eliot, and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps," directed by Dr. Karen Dandurand.

Massomi Kobayashi--"Money, Economy, and Interdisciplinarity: A Critical Dialogue Between Literature and Economics in the works of Henry James, William Faulkner, and Kurt Vonnegut," directed by Dr. Michael Vella.

Colleen Richmond--"The Practical Preaching and
Vital Voices of Margery Kempe, Margaret Fell, and Maria W. Stewart," co-directed by Dr. Gail Berlin and Dr. Karen Dandurand.


M.A. Literature: 
Lauri Chose, Corry Colonna, George Jenkins, Christine Pristash, Allison Thiel

M.A. Generalist:  Marlena Johnston and Jean


Ph.D. Literature:
Mais Al-Qutami, Rosanne Alvarez, Jennifer Brown, Laurie Cannady, Lauri Chose, Ihab Freiz, Debra Galliher, Burgsbee Lee Hobbs, Lars Johnson,  Michelle Nzadi Keita,  Allison Marino, Thomas Norton, Sumeeta Patnaik, Jean Popovich, Miyoshi Prescott, Christine Pristash, Sekou Sankofa, Dale Marie Taylor, Helen

M.A. Literature:
Lisa Beiswenger, Dianne Carson, Allegra Coe, Shannon Fry, Karen Geist, Kuo-wei Hsu,  Shama Islam, Jennifer Johnson, Enass Khansa, Chih-Lung Kung, Tara Monastero, Andrew Nelson, Loc Pham, Carrie Szucs, Jessica Wedge

M.A. Generalist: 
Jose Aires, Abigail Aldrich, Motasim Al-Mwaja,
Jamie Barker, Seth Blazer, Beth Caspersen, Alexander Doehrer, Prentiss Grassmyer, Mai Hassan, Justin Mann, Amanda Morris 

Calendar through Summer 2004 (continued)


15 Archival copies due at Grad. School for May  graduation
26 Last day of Spring Classes
26 Incomplete "I" grades from Fall due in  Registrar's Office

8 Commencement
14 Spring semester grades available online

Summer Sessions 
June 3-4   Candidacy Exams
June 7-July 9  Summer Session I

July 12-August 12 Summer Session II

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The following Ph.D. Literature
students recently defended their

Akram Habeeb--"Writing as a Woman: Mythology, the Weaving Metaphor and Symbolism in Eudora Welty's The Robber Bridegroom, The Golden Apples, Delta Wedding, Losing Battles, and The Optimist's Daughter," directed by Dr. Ronald Emerick.

Rachel Habermehl--"Transcendental Legacies in American Modernism," directed by Dr. Ronald

Michael Cox--"Subversive Discourses in Selected Writings of Nathanael West, Tennessee Williams, John Cheever, and Edward Albee," directed by Dr. Susan Gatti.

Jill Fiore--"'Growing Old Disgracefully': A Feminist Reading of the Crone in Multicultural American Literature," directed by Dr. Karen Dandurand.

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